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Galley Maid Holding Tank Sewage Systems, is fully automatic and has a master on/off switch. Untreated waste discharges from a holding tank to sewage line or overboard where permitted. This system can be used in fresh or salt water applications.



HTS-12 12VDC
HTS-24 24VDC
HTS-32 32VDC
HTS-AC 115/230VAC 60HZ


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Galley Maid Type 1-Environmental Protection system,for owners of Galley Maid Delta Marine heads. A fully automatic add on unit that will bring your present head to Type I, E.P.A., and U.S.C.G. requirements. No electric power is required for its use. This add on is certified for use on either uninspected or inspected vessels, 65 feet or under. Heads must be equipped with Galley Maid Automatic Timer Switches to meet Type 1 standards. 

Model Voltage Certification #
EPS-12 12VDC 159.015/4001/0
EPS-24 24 VDC 159.015/4002/0
EPS-32 32 VDC 159.015/4003/0
EPS-AC 115/23-VAC 159.015/4008/0


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Galley Maid Central Waste Treatment Systems, is a batch type flow through waste treatment system. The system works in conjunction with the vessel's waste holding tank. The system meets or exceeds all requirements set by the U.S.C.G. and the E.P.A. for Type I and Type II Marine Sanitation Devices. The unit may be used in conjunction with any number of marine heads and is recommended for use in vessels having three(3) or more heads. Heads need not be the highly recommended Galley Maid Delta Marine Head. Operation of the system is completely automatic, controlled by highly sensitive pressure reading device and a precision programmed timing device.

Type I, Central Treatment Systems Certified for inspected and Uninspected vessels 65 Feet and Under. (APPROX. 332 GAL. Per Day)

Model Voltage Certification #
CTS-1, TYPE 1 12VDC 159.015/4004/0
CTS-1, TYPE 1 24 VDC 159.015/4005/0
CTS-1, TYPE 1 32 VDC 159.015/4006/0
CTS-1, TYPE 1 VAC 159.015/4008/0

Type II, Central Treatment Systems Certified for inspected and Uninspected vessels Over 65 Feet . (APPROX. 1000 GAL. Per Day)

Model Voltage Certification #
CTS-2, TYPE II VAC 159.015/4009/0


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